Fireray® 3000 Ex d

The Fireray® 3000 Ex d comprises of a Transmitter Unit, which projects a modulated infra-red light beam to a Receiver Unit. The received signal is analysed and should smoke be present for a predetermined time a fire condition is signalled. A Control Unit is located within 100 metres cable run of the Receiver Unit enabling low level installation and diagnostic capability. Conforms to BS 5839 Part 5.


Ex db op is IIC T6 Gb

Ex tb IIIC T85°C  Db

Ta = 20°C to +55°C

Further information on the ATEX approval can be found at


Key Benefits

  • 12 and 24V operation
  • Explosion Proof Transmitter and Receiver Units
  • Low level Safe Area electronics
  • Selectable sensitivity levels
  • Low current consumption
  • Self-check and automatic compensation
  • Robust metal construction
  • Ideal for the protection of large enclosures within hazardous areas in petrochemical plants, oil rigs, ordnance stores



The Fireray 3000 Exd is ideally suited for the protection of large areas, with potentially explosive atmospheres, against smoking fires.

The Fireray 3000 Exd optical beam smoke detector, together with a battery backed power supply, can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel or interfaced to an analogue addressable system via an addressable input module or a zone monitor module.

Fireray 3000 Ex d Products

Part No. Description Approval
3000-115 Fireray 3000 Beam Detector System (Ex d) ATEX

Accessories for use with Fireray 3000 Ex d

Part No. Description Compatibility
1000-019 Fireray 3000 Controller Protective Cage Specific
1150-000 Fireray Commissioning and Maintenance Kit Generic
0209-02 Fireray Test Filter Generic

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