Fireray® One

With no specialist tools or knowledge needed for installation and operation, the Fireray® One is a standalone beam detector that prioritises ease of installation. Using the Fireray One, it couldn’t be easier to bring the benefits of beam detection to your application:

  • Auto-Aligns – using the integrated user interface – just steer the laser onto the Reflector, then at the flick of a switch, it aligns itself. 8 times faster than previous detectors
  • One person installation – everything can be done by one person
  • One standalone product – no specialist tools required; minimal prior knowledge and training needed


Key Benefits:

  • Integrated visible laser and auto-alignment for ultimate ease of alignment
  • Integrated user interface
  • Prevent nuisance alarms with Light Cancellation Technology™ which compensates for sunlight and artificial light sources
  • Building Movement Tracking™ continuously maintains alignment when buildings settle or flex due to temperature variations
  • Contamination Compensation to correct for gradual build-up of dust on optics
  • Clean detectors quickly and easily without affecting alignment
  • Low power consumption; can be powered from the loop
  • Prevent interference between beams with Dynamic Beam Phasing; install beams facing each other or in irregular configurations
  • Detection range of up to 120m


Ideal Applications

  • Education and Heritage Establishments
  • Industrial Units and Warehousing
  • Aviation Hangars
  • Glass Atria in Hotels and Retail Complexes
  • Chemical Processing and Storage Facilities

Fireray One

The Fireray One is a standalone beam detector that prioritises ease of installation.


Fireray One Setup Guide

This Fireray One video will tell you what is in the box, how it should be installed, how to align and how to test.

Fireray One Products

Part No. Description Approval
6010-100 Fireray One Beam Detector EN
6010-300 Fireray One Beam Detector UL

Accessories for use with Fireray One

Part No. Description Compatibility
1100-000 Fireray One Protective Cage Specific
1060-000 Fireray One Anti-Condensation Heater Specific
1010-000 Fireray Prism (Long Range) Generic
5000-008 Fireray Prism Plate Generic
5000-007 Fireray Prism Plate (Long Range) Generic
1170-000 Fireray Detector Adjustment Bracket Generic
1150-000 Fireray Commissioning and Maintenance Kit Generic
0209-02 Fireray Test Filter Generic

Fireray One Set Up Guide

Fireray Auto-aligning Beam Detector

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